For Better Views, Choose Sliding Windows from Fairbanks Construction, a West Shore Home Company

Sliding windows have long been a popular choice among Central Florida homeowners. Because these windows feature sashes that open by sliding sideways, they take up little space when compared with casement or awning windows. Plus, they lack horizontal meeting rails that you find on single- or double-hung windows, which means that you will enjoy unobstructed views of the outdoors.

If you want some of the finest sliding windows on the market today, consider Fairbanks Construction, a West Shore Home company. We offer sliders that have frames built to withstand hurricane-strength winds and impacts from flying debris, for exceptional durability. Our sliders also come with energy-efficient glass to help keep your home cool in the summer and warm when the temperature dips. This will relieve your HVAC system of some of its workload, potentially yielding monthly energy savings. But that’s not all.

Other Fantastic Benefits

Because our sliders have fewer mechanical parts than outward-opening windows, they are virtually maintenance-free. Their simple design also means you can count on them to give you years of smooth functionality. As for ease of window operation, what’s easier than one moveable sash? If you want to ventilate your home, simply slide the sash to one side. And, these functional benefits don’t come at the cost of good looks. We offer sliders with customization options that include different frame colors, grid patterns, or grooved glass designs, so you can have a window that perfectly suits your taste.

When you’re ready for a full-view window that lets you feel that you’re in the outdoors even while you’re relaxing inside, contact Fairbanks Construction. We’re happy to give you more information about our remarkable sliders and our expert installation services.

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