Picture Windows from Fairbanks Construction Will Brighten Your Home with Natural Light

Better views and more natural light – those are two primary benefits homeowners seek from their new windows. Picture windows from Fairbanks Construction, a West Shore Home company, deliver both to an exceptional degree. Because these are fixed windows, with no meeting rails, screens, or other parts that can impede visibility, a picture window in your home means you will enjoy clearer and more expansive outdoor views. As for natural light, rooms with a picture window will brighten naturally from light that will come flooding in through the single, undivided section of glass.

But wider views and more interior illumination are hardly all the advantages our picture windows offer. Their simplicity as fixed windows makes them incredibly cost-effective and virtually maintenance-free. With no mechanical parts to break, our picture windows will eliminate any worries you may have about repairs or costs for replacement parts. You can also enjoy other notable advantages when Fairbanks Construction installs your picture windows.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Because picture windows don’t open, there are no operational components that can allow air to leak into your home. What’s more, we custom-make picture windows according to your window openings’ exact dimensions. We then install the windows precisely for a seamless fit that further limits air infiltration. Our replacement windows also have glass that reflects solar heat to reduce your HVAC unit’s workload. This feature plus the lack of air infiltration can lead to significant savings on your energy costs.

Appealing Aesthetics

When you order picture windows from us you will have several ways to complement your home’s architectural style and color scheme. You can choose the interior and exterior frame colors, or even include grid patterns in your window design. When you consider that picture windows look stately by themselves, or blend beautifully when installed next to other styles – double-hung windows, for instance – you’ll appreciate the design versatility that picture windows provide.

To learn more about all the advantages of our picture windows, contact Fairbanks Construction today to schedule a free consultation at your home.

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