Enjoy Great Views and Excellent Ventilation with Casement Windows from Fairbanks Construction, a West Shore Home Company

Homeowners who want unimpeded views of the outdoors routinely choose Fairbanks Construction, a West Shore Home company, to install casement windows. These windows have one sash that opens outward to the left or right, offering full ventilation. In fact, no other type of window can be opened as wide. Because you can also leave the sash open at various angles, casement windows allow you to catch side breezes, making them more versatile than other window styles.

Fairbanks Construction can help you determine if casement windows are right for your home. We can gladly schedule a free consultation at a time that’s convenient for you to discuss all your options. There are several notable advantages of this window style compared to other styles of replacement windows.

Better Security

Whereas other window styles have sashes that can be pried open to expose the lock, casement windows’ hook-shaped locks are embedded within the frame, which presents a difficult barrier to intruders.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Our casement windows come with glass that helps keep heat out of your home, plus they have extensive weatherstripping to prevent air infiltration. These features can reduce your energy costs because they make it easier for your HVAC unit to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.

Hurricane Protection

With frames made of sturdy vinyl and glass that’s highly wind- and impact-resistant, our casement windows provide superior protection from fierce tropical storms that often rip through Florida.

Aesthetic Appeal

The top-quality vinyl frames of our casement windows are vastly better looking than frames made of inferior materials like aluminum. What’s more, when you order your casement windows from us, you can choose colors for both sides of the frames to complement your home’s interior and exterior colors.

For more information about our casement windows, or to schedule a free consultation, contact Fairbanks Construction, Central Florida’s home improvement company of choice since 1990.

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