Bow Windows Offer Pleasing Views That Can Enhance Your Enjoyment of Your Central Florida Home

A bow window isn’t like any other residential window. First, consider the structure. Whereas the majority of other window styles have one or two glass panels, a bow window features four or more panels that are fitted together to form a curve that juts outward. This allows bow windows to be installed in ways that other windows can’t, such as having them wrapped around the corner of a building to create a turret shape. As a result, unlike other windows, bow windows can easily become the focal point of a room, dramatically transforming the room as well as the home’s appearance.

Bow windows offer several benefits, especially the well-engineered replacement windows available at Fairbanks Construction. We have been fulfilling the home improvement wishes of customers across Central Florida since 1990 by providing top-notch products and services, including the installation of bow windows. Our long-held A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau testifies to our commitment to delivering total customer satisfaction in everything we do. Simply put, we do good work.

When we install your bow windows, you will enjoy:

More Interior Room

Because they project outward, bow windows will give you more floor space. And, you can use your new window sill for extra seating, or as a place to display plants or pottery.

Improved Energy Efficiency

The heat-reflecting glass on our bow windows means that your AC system will have an easier time maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature, potentially saving you money on your energy costs.

A More Airy Home

Thanks to their multi-panel design, bow windows allow you to ventilate your home better than any other window styles.

If you’re ready to start enjoying all these benefits plus the expansive views that bow windows provide, contact Fairbanks Construction to schedule a free consultation. We will gladly come to your home to discuss your needs and budget.