Bow Windows - Ocala and Central Florida

Choose your bay and bow windows from Fairbanks Construction if you want an unsurpassed view of outdoors scenery at your Central Florida home. Our windows consist of four or more window panels that are fitted together in a curved shape that many homeowners find highly attractive. Plus, this curved design allows them to let in more natural light than windows in other styles.

Bow Windows

The following are just some of the many benefits of bow windows from Fairbanks Construction:

  • Energy efficiency – Our windows feature the very latest in energy-efficient technology. For instance, Heat-Beater Glass reflects solar heat, making it easier for your AC system to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without needing to run more than is absolutely necessary.
  • Extra square footage – By extending out beyond the exterior wall of your home, a bow window will make the inside of your house roomier. And, you can use your new sill area in a wide variety of ways – as a place to put plants, for extra seating, or for any other purpose.
  • Superior ventilation – Thanks to their curved shape and multi-panel design, bow windows that include operational panels will allow you to ventilate your home better than any other window styles