TEMO Sunroom… Oh the possibilities!

TEMO Sunroom… Oh the possibilities!

May 29, 2018

Picture in your mind for a moment; sitting in your comfy chair on a hot summer day, watching as the birds and the butterflies flutter around your flower bed. All the while the bees are pollinating and buzzing away and you are inside your TEMO Sunroom enjoying a glass of iced tea in perfect comfort.

Think about how many times you have walked by that exercise equipment that faces the wall in the spare bedroom, covered in dust being used as a catch all storage rack instead of a calorie burner. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like you are outdoors when you are exercising, enjoying the view that surrounds your home? Grabbing cardio while you are in a climate controlled room watching television without strangers surrounding you.

The list of possibilities is endless: Play room, cozy hot tub room, office space, a quiet place to read, man cave, she shack, a new location for your holiday decorations or even a room for the cats to enjoy!! TEMO sunrooms give you the entire scope of uses during good, bad weather and all the weather in between.

What is your dream of the perfect outdoor space that is entirely indoors? Built by professionals with the best materials to your specifications. Tempered glass, insulated wall panels, vinyl screens, composite panel roof and all the permitting taken care of. YOU can make that dream a reality with a TEMO Sunroom custom built for you by Fairbanks Construction. Call us today at (352) 509- 3427 to schedule an appointment with our professional Design Consultant and start making your party plans.


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