Spring Clean Your Bathroom

Spring Clean Your Bathroom

May 14, 2019

Spring Clean Your Bathroom

Open the windows, let the sun shine in, and tackle the neglected areas of your home with these easy cleaning tips. Spring cleaning is usually a dreaded time. But like so many other things in life, it is a necessary evil. Once it starts to warm up outside, most people begin the process of cleaning their home and ridding it of winter germs.

Getting a clean bathroom is easy if you work smart. The good news is these bathroom cleaning hacks will make getting a clean bathroom a quick and easy task for you. You will never clean your bathroom the hard way again.

Create a Checklist

Before you start cleaning the bathroom, it is extremely helpful to create a checklist. This will make sure that you don’t miss anything & also have the supplies needed to clean it. A checklist will differ for everyone, but some common things include mirrors, sinks, bathtub, shower heads, toilet, grout, & floors.

Clean the Sink

The faucets get dirty over time from hard water, moisture, and other stains. Frequent cleaning makes it easier to clean them. The longer you let the dirt accumulate, the more difficult it Is to remove them.

A Pitambari powder works wonders on dirty faucets & can be found on amazon. Just sprinkle some water & pitambari powder on the tap. Then just scrub with a scrubber for about 30 seconds until you see the stains vanish. Rinse with water & wipe with a dry cloth. Good as new!

For stubborn stains and splatters on your mirror, Vinegar is an effective cleaner. All you need to use is a microfiber cloth and equal parts of vinegar and water solution to get your mirrors shining again. 


Clean the Floor

It’s inevitable to deal with discoloration of grout but it is also easy to fix. You can restore the natural color of your grout with bleach. Just add some to a brush and simply scrub over those lines with an old toothbrush. You’ll be shocked at how well this hack clears it up!

You can also scrub the floor tiles with some baking soda, water, & vinegar. This magic duo helps to remove all the dirt & grime, leaving your floors fresh & clean.

Clean the Shower

A neat trick to remove build-up on your glass shower doors, is to use Rain-X. Who knew this product could go from the car to the bathroom! It can help repel future water scum, stains, & streaks as well. Another interesting tip to remove hard water stains is to use a lemon. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. Just cut a lemon in half & use like a small scrub brush. This works very well on chrome fixtures.

If your shower head is spraying in all different directions, it may be time for a deep clean. Simply fill a resealable plastic bag with equal part solution of water and vinegar and immerse the shower head in it with a rubber band. Let that sit for about an hour & once you remove it run the shower for a few minutes with hot water.


Clean the Toilet

This is the part most of us least enjoy cleaning. But to get it done quickly & efficiently, make sure to throw the toilet bowl cleaner in & let it sit, while you clean the rest of the toilet. Once you’re done scrubbing everything down, a neat tip is to use Pine Sol in the bottom of your toilet brush holder. The scent left behind is well worth the extra step and will leave the whole room smelling fresh.

Clean the Drains

Don’t forget about cleaning out the drains. Clogged drains can be an expensive fix, so it’s best to stay ahead of it. Just pour boiling hot water down the drain and then add some Alka Seltzer. Wait about 10 minutes and then rinse out the drain with hot water once more. Doing this every so often can prevent your drains from getting clogged.



Updating Your Bathtub

Finally, a major way to cut down on your time cleaning the bathroom is by updating your bathtub all together. Our walk-in tubs and bath systems are virtually maintenance free and have what’s known as Silvershield technology.

Our bath system is easy to clean and 100% first run acrylic. This means that there is no recycled material. It is also scratch resistant and rated as one of the thickest top layers in the industry.

Silver Shield Technology  

Our bath liners are equipped with Microban® silver technology. This design and process eliminates mold and mildew that the old tub or shower could have.  Microban® silver technology works with polymer manufacturers to make SilverShield integration simple.     

If the final step of updating your bathtub all together interests you, contact Fairbanks Construction at 352-732-8600 and schedule your FREE in-home consultation today. This is a guaranteed way to cut down on your bathroom cleaning & make your bathroom look brand new! Visit our website at https://www.fairbanksconstruction.com/bathrooms/



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