Showering Our Heroes

Congratulations Art Rosco!


Showering Our Heroes is where Fairbanks Construction goes out into the community to find a local hero in need of safety upgrades for their shower. For this edition, we are looking for Veterans. To be eligible for this contest all contestant must meet the following requirements:

  1. All contestants must be a Veteran with mobility issues.
  2. All contestants must have a bathroom that needs safety upgrades.
  3. All contestants must be located in current service area which consists of: Marion, Lake, Sumter, Citrus, or Alachua County.
  4. All contestants must allow the use of photographs, video, audio, testimonial for publicity purposes.
  5. All contestants must be the homeowner.
  6. Project must be done in Veteran’s home.
Fairbanks Construction and its affiliates are not responsible for pre-existing conditions of work area both hidden and visible and any additional costs to repair/replace existing location to accommodate bath upgrade. Installation of product subject to inspection of proposed work area by Fairbanks Construction to determine feasibility for proper install. In the event that winner’s existing bath area does not qualify a new winner will be selected. Fairbanks Construction can add value up to $9000.00. Fairbanks Construction reserves the right to choose the winner as seen fit. There are several factors that go in to choosing the winner.


Learn about past winners!

Mr. Collins

Korea & Vietnam Veteran

During his time in the army, Mr. Collins served two terms in Korea and two terms in Vietnam. While fighting for our country, he blew out his knees, hips and shoulders by jumping out of helicopters to save his fellow soldiers. 

Mr. Collins had no hot water and it was unsafe for him to bathe in his current shower. He was more than deserving of this bath crash and we did it up big for him! 

During the Bath Crash Mr. Collins kept a huge smile on his face. He kept repeating “I can’t believe this is all happening.”

Anthony Battaglia

United States Army Veteran

Anthony Battaglia has struggled with limited mobility for many years. He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War as an engineer, but was injured while serving and came home to face struggles in everyday life and tasks like bathing and showering.

Battaglia had an in-home care provider assisting him with many of these everyday tasks to ease the burden on his wife, but recently that help stopped.

“The woman who was coming to help him a couple days a week has stopped. Now it’s me,” Battaglia’s wife said.

Fairbanks Construction knew the struggle the family was facing and showed up to surprise the Battaglias. You can see that reveal below.

Upon learning they had been chosen as the recipient of a new shower, Battaglia couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear saying, “now I don’t have to reach 15 feet to get out of the shower; that’s fantastic!”