Jan 31, 2018

Gainesville bathroom remodelersWhether dealing with storm damage or your property is out-of-style, you’ll likely need renovations to get your home looking good again. At Fairbanks Construction, we have helped thousands of Gainesville customers as home and bathroom remodelers since we started in 1990. Many customers put off home renovations for as long as possible, but there are multiple reasons why you should get the job done now rather than later!

Material Prices Are Going Up

Recent natural disasters, like Hurricane Harvey, have damaged properties throughout the Southern United States and U.S. Territories. As more roads open up and weather warms, homeowners are going to start rebuilding. This has already started in some areas and the prices of construction materials will go up as demand increases.

A Shortage of Home and Bathroom Remodelers

There aren’t enough skilled tradespeople to meet rising home renovation needs. Homeowners are waiting longer for construction to start and are paying higher labor costs. If you were wondering, Fairbanks Construction has a reliable team of experienced Gainesville bathroom remodelers and sunroom installers. Plus, our streamlined processes allow us to provide reliably fast service to customers.

Low Interest Rates!

Interest rates on home equity lines of credit are very low now. You could use this line of credit to complete simple or complex renovations. If you wait until next year, the rates may increase, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in interest over the loan term.

Easier Than Buying a New Home!

The housing market is in a boom period. Homeowners who want more room and are thinking about buying a new property could find that there is too much competition on the market. With rising home prices, it might be cheaper to stay put and invest in your existing property.

Whether you are looking to add on a four-season room or just need replacement windows in Gainesville, Fairbanks Construction can help with your remodeling plans. Our team works closely with you to find the remodeling options that fit within your budget and needs. Get started with a complimentary, at-home consultation and price quote by calling us or filling out our online form!


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