How Energy Efficient Windows Can SAVE You MONEY

How Energy Efficient Windows Can SAVE You MONEY

Jun 08, 2018

I can See Clearly Now  .  . .

EVERY time I back out of my garage I have to do a mental checklist: Lights off? Iron unplugged? Coffee Maker turned off? Thermostat set for daytime? Admit it, you go through a similar list. We do all we can to be respectful of the environment, save every penny and be attentive to our monthly utility budget. Room Darkening Curtains, upgraded insulation, fluorescent light bulbs, Energy Star rated appliances, motion sensor lights and everything that can be, is unplugged unless it is being used. Then the power bill shows up in the mail, (always at the end of a rough day) and it erases that feeling of “I got this”. During the inspection walk that follows receipt of yet another ridiculously high utility bill what do you notice?

Are certain rooms several degrees hotter than others? Is there an area of your house that has a ceiling fan and floor fan going in addition to the air conditioner? Do you notice the heat coming through the windows when you walk by? If you have answered yes to any of those questions, stop and give those windows a closer inspection. How old are they? Are they single pane? What are the frames made out of? Are there cracks in the glass or gaps around the frame? Will every window close tightly? All these issues effect your utility usage, cost you money and can be easily corrected just unplug the old windows and plug in some new ones.

It is time to replace those old tired windows with new Energy Star rated replacement windows that not only reduce your energy costs but will improve the look and increase the value of your home. Taking out a single pane window and replacing it with a double pane insulted window can save you hundreds of dollars each year*.

Replacement Windows professionally installed by Fairbanks Construction are constructed with Vinyl, non-conductive, impact resistant materials and are resistant to the salt air and industrial pollution. Our windows are Energy Star rated and made in the USA. As summer approaches and your utility rises with the temperatures, pause and call Fairbanks Construction to set up a no cost / no obligation in home assessment of your current windows a get a look at how awesome our windows are.




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