Guild Quality GuildMaster Award

Guild Quality GuildMaster Award

May 15, 2018


Being in business for almost three decades, the primary goal of Fairbanks Construction is customer satisfaction with quality products and service. To ensure we are maintaining our standards in those areas we regularly survey our customers utilizing third-party companies like Guild Quality.

For the second year in a row, we are excited to announce that Fairbanks Construction has won the Guild Quality “GuildMaster” award! This award celebrates service excellence and continued customer satisfaction. The primary Identifiers are customers who will recommend to others and the percentage of customers who respond to the survey. WE are proud to display the areas we excelled in:

  • Clean & Safe                           97%
  • Communication                    95%
  • Construction Quality           96%
  • Problem Resolution             93%
  • Professional & Organized   96%
  • Sales Knowledge                   97%
  • Schedule                                 97%
  • Work Done Right                 93%
  • Likely to Recommend         94%

This award ensures us that we are living up to our pledge of being “The Company Behind the Quality”. Yet, the most gratifying of things to receive is the comments we get from our customers:


  • “The installation crew, you would not expect the professionalism, courtesy for your home and the job well done. Those three guys really work hard to get the job done in a safe and professional manner.” – Review by Potter S. Hudson, FL, on Jan 04, 2018


  • “They were very professional, very courteous, answered any questions we had (and we had a lot), and were very, very knowledgeable. I would recommend them. I already have recommended them to one person and would recommend them to other people.” – Review by Janet K. Seminole, FL, on Jan 03, 2018


  • They are above and beyond company. They keep their word, and seem to be honest. I think the customer needs that comfort, and really care about their customers.” – Review by Jed H. The Villages, FL, on


On this day and every day we thank or customers for your trust and you support, without you there could be no us.


We ensure that our products are installed correctly every time –

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