Kitchen Cabinets - Ocala and Central Florida

It is easy to overlook the cabinets of your kitchen, but when they start to wear down, they definitely become noticeable. If your kitchen cabinets are starting to chip and peel, you can save yourself plenty of hassle if you deal with them today! A kitchen cabinet update can give your whole kitchen an aura of freshness and cleanliness. And if you’re tired of the old design you’ve had for years, it might make sense to get a cabinet restyling job at the same time.

Updating Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re worried about the costs – both in terms of time and money – associated with a full kitchen remodel, then a simple kitchen cabinet update might be the right alternative for you. In areas around Central Florida, Fairbanks Construction is here to help. We offer kitchen cabinet restyling and refacing in a variety of colors and finishes to make sure you get the look that not only matches but enhances the rest of your kitchen!

Not all remodeling companies are created equal. But from Ocala to Gainesville, Fairbanks Construction outshines the competition. When you contract us to refinish your kitchen cabinets, you get a company with:

  • Over 27 years of experience
  • A commitment to customer satisfaction from start to finish
  • The dedication that comes from being family-owned
  • A worry-free warranty
  • Flexible financing options

If your kitchen looks like it’s falling apart, the problem may lie mostly in the cabinets! There’s no reason to put up with that any longer. Get in touch with Fairbanks Construction today to see how we can provide the affordable, durable kitchen cabinet update that your home deserves. Just give us a call or fill out our quick online quote form to get started with a free estimate!

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