Cabinet Refinishing Lets You Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets without the Hassle

The cabinets in your kitchen play a big part in determining the overall look of the space. As such, they are one of the top aspects of your kitchen that you can improve to increase your enjoyment of the room and the resale value of your home. However, it can be quite expensive and time-consuming to have your existing cabinets torn out and replaced. Fortunately, the home improvement experts at Fairbanks Construction offer cabinet refinishing services that can deliver the same stunning, new look without the inconvenience or expense.

Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

If you live in a Central Florida community and would like to upgrade the kitchen cabinets in your home, then turn to Fairbanks Construction. By choosing our cabinet refinishing services over a full replacement, you can:

  • Save money – When we add a new veneer to the externally visible aspects of your kitchen cabinets, it will make them look brand new while costing far less than having them replaced.
  • Enjoy faster results – While cabinet replacement is a long, drawn-out process, we can reface your cabinets in a much shorter time and minimize any disruption to your home life.
  • Create a customized design – You’ll have the opportunity to select from many different cabinet veneers and hardware styles to make your kitchen cabinets fit your vision.
  • Prevent waste – If your cabinet framework is structurally sound but you just don’t like the appearance of your existing cabinets, it would be a shame to rip everything out and have useable materials end up in a landfill when they could instead be put to good use.

Contact Fairbanks Construction today to learn about the different design options we offer for your cabinet refinishing project.

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