There’s no better way to enjoy the outdoors than with a custom sunroom! It provides you and your family with a comfortable area to soak in the sun without dealing with pesky bugs and humidity.

A lot goes into the design of a sunroom addition, like choosing between a four season or three season room, but an equal amount of effort should be placed on beautifying your new space after it has been built. Fortunately, there are a few easy and affordable things you can do to make sure your sunroom addition is comfortable and stylish.

Choose the Right Blinds

When you think of a custom sunroom, sunlight is usually the first thing to come to mind, which makes the idea of blinds seem ludicrous. But, the Florida sun can be really harsh, especially if your sunroom faces the sunrise in the morning or the sunset in the evening. Quality blinds allow you to customize the light allowed into your space, not to mention, it’s a great way to provide you, your family, and your guests with a little privacy!

The key is choosing high-quality blinds that add to your space, not detract from it. Avoid traditional aluminum blinds, as they aren’t likely to add anything to your sunroom. A few stylish products that can be ordered in different colors include:

·  Roller shades

·  Roman shades

·  Sheer shades

·  Wood and faux wood blinds

Blur the Line between Indoors and Out with Plants

The whole point of a custom sunroom is to blur the line between inside and outside. There’s no point in a sunroom addition that looks like any another room in your home. To enhance the outdoor aspect of your sunroom, you should decorate your space with lush plants.

Choose a variety of large and small potted plants. Greenery, like vines and trees, provides a great base, while flowering plants provide a pop of color. Get creative and try a living wall , and of course, bring in fresh flowers from the garden outside.

Position Furniture with a Purpose

What’s the purpose of your custom sunroom? Some people use it as a play room for children or even as an alternative dining space! No matter what you decide to use your sunroom addition for, the arrangement of the furniture should reflect that purpose.

If you want to enjoy the view, orient furniture so that couches and chairs face the windows. If good conversation is your goal, make sure the furniture placement supports that. If you’d like to get a little work done, place a desk in the corner of the room. Don’t be afraid to play around a little bit, and consider rearranging things when you know you have guests coming over.

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