Walk-in tubs are becoming increasingly popular for their safety options, luxurious features, and stylish designs that can complement virtually any bathroom. At Fairbanks Construction, we specialize in walk-in tub options that keep you safe and keep you happy.

What are some reasons you should install a walk-in tub?

Preventing Falls

Safety is typically top of mind when installing walk-in tubs, and for good reason. Walk-in tubs allow complete mobility while ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe and protected. With a low step-in height, slip resistant bottom, wide door, and numerous grab bars, you can enjoy a greater sense of independence while still remaining safe.


Walk-in Jacuzzi tubs provide the perfect combination of relaxation and hydrotherapy, which in turn relieves stress and helps soothe achy muscles and joints. Hydrotherapy has also been proven to improve mental state and provide a clear, refreshed mind – perfect for people of any age.

Therapeutic Luxury

With multiple features and options available, our Jacuzzi walk-in tubs help relieve multiple types of body pain while also providing the complete luxury experience. Three differing jets allow for complete relaxation with added focus for the back, shoulders, knees, calves, and feet.


Fairbanks Construction only installs and ensures the highest-quality walk-in tubs. Lasting for years to come, walk-in tubs are the perfect option and can still often fit within the original tub space.

Easy Installation

With a walk-in tub through Fairbanks Construction, it’s simple to add a new and improved walk-in tub to your existing tub space, saving you both time and money with installation typically only taking one day.

For all your bathtub replacements needs, rely on Fairbanks Construction to provide you with multiple bathroom remodel options for every scope and size. Contact us today to learn more about our complete step-in tub options and to receive pricing information. It’s as easy as giving us a quick call or filling out our convenient online form!