Low E windows are a wise investment for homeowners living in Ocala, Florida. These windows have a special coating of tiny metallic particles that reflects heat rather than allowing it to pass through the glass. In turn, the inside of your home can stay cooler, some of the burden will be taken off of your AC unit, and you can potentially reduce the costs of your monthly energy bills.

At Fairbanks Construction, we are a home improvement company based in Ocala, FL, that has a long history of serving homeowners in the area. Because we understand what Florida homeowners need in their windows, we offer low E windows that are designed from top to bottom with energy efficiency in mind.

In addition to the special glass coating, our windows have these energy-saving features:

  • Dual panes – Two panes of glass do a better job of blocking heat than just one.
  • Warm-edge spacers – These spacers insulate the perimeter of the glass, preventing heat from passing through.
  • Inert gas fills – A barrier of argon gas in between the panes provides an extra layer of defense against indoor heat gain.
  • Vinyl frames – These frames are more resistant to heat transfer than ones made of aluminum.

By having these windows installed on your home, you will gain much more than just energy savings. The windows can also dramatically improve the curb appeal of your home, reduce the amount of maintenance you need to perform on your home windows, reduce sound intrusion from outside noises, and provide security against attempted break-ins.

If you want low E windows that are ideally suited for your home in Ocala, Florida, contact Fairbanks Construction today.