Benefits of a Safety Shower

Benefits of a Safety Shower

Nov 19, 2018

Benefits of a Safety Shower

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four Americans that are 65 or older will experience a slip and fall.  At Fairbanks Construction safety and seniors’ lives matter, which is why we take great pride in installing our safety showers. Not only do they look beautiful, but their many features make bathing safe again for those who fear falling.

Low-Entry Barrier

Sometimes the hardest part of taking a shower is getting in. Stepping over the standard 30-inch barrier is just a challenge seniors are not willing to face. Well, you’re in luck. Our safety showers have a mere two-inch barrier, helping you “get over” that challenge.

Grab Bars

As we get older, our ability to balance decreases. Walking from one end of the room to the other becomes a game. You must ensure you have something to hold on to for fear of falling. In a shower, there is not much to hold on to, except for a slippery soap dish. Our safety shower has strategically placed grab bars to hold on to while in the shower.

Installed Seat

Standing for long periods of time is difficult as people become older. However, taking baths are also difficult for older individuals. One solution people have found is just putting an after-market chair in their shower. Unfortunately, more times than not, the chairs never quite fit in the shower, which causes more balance issues. They will move while the floor is slippery and that chair that was supposed to prevent you from falling, is what makes you fall.

Non-Slip Floor

Floors become slippery when wet. Imagine how slippery the floor of a shower becomes when the water is turned on. We can prevent slip and falls with our non-slip floors.

Beautifully Designed

With several styles and colors to choose from, we know we have a shower for you! Our design consultants are able to design your bath in the comfort of your own home. They will be able to show you exactly what your new shower will look like. Our system will give your bathroom a whole-new updated look.


Our bath liner system is maintenance free, easy to clean and is 100 % first run acrylic, which means there is no recycled material. It is also scratch resistant and rated as one of the thickest top layers in the industry.

Silver Shield Technology 

Each bath liner piece fits over your existing tub and lines the walls of the wet area. This design and process eliminates mold and mildew that the old tub or shower could have. Our bath liners are also equipped with Microban® silver technology.  Microban® silver technology works individually with polymer manufacturers to make SilverShield integration as simple and seamless as possible without disruption to existing manufacturing processes.


Don’t be a statistic! Schedule your FREE in-home consultation today. Our design consultants are trained to answer all questions you may have about the safety shower and how the install process will work. Once the bath consultant comes to your home, you will have all the information needed, including the exact price in writing.


Fairbanks Construction is family owned and we find it important to remember just how much families matter and most importantly the safety of family members. We look forward to helping save lives throughout Florida, so give us a call and let us help you maintain safety in your bathroom.


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