Nov 30, 2017

Veterans across the nation come home with debilitating injuries they did not leave with. It is our job, as an American company, to do all that we can to thank those who fought to protect this country.

On November 8, 10 home improvement companies across the nation participated in a program called Baths for the Braves, where 10 deserving veterans got a bathroom makeover.

We met our Veteran a year ago and when we were presented with this opportunity we knew he was the one who was more than deserving of the bathroom makeover. Anthony Battaglia was in the U.S. Army Corps from 1953 to 1955, serving in the Korean War.

Since his return he has struggled with simple tasks such as bathing. As a part of the Baths for the Brave Bath Crash we gave Mr. Battaglia a Barrier-Free Bath Liner. This was not just a change in the way he could shower, but a change in the way he could go about his daily life.

Being an American company it was an honor and a privilege to be able to help someone who has helped so many. This new shower not only gave him peace of mind, but his wife no longer worries about him while showering.

“I had to help him shower and every time and it was a struggle.” Mrs. Battaglia said. “He has fallen so many times that the medics know us by name.”

To prevent future falls we installed grab bars and a seat for him in the shower.

“First the first time in a long time I will finally feel clean after I shower.” Mr. Battaglia said. “A company like Fairbanks Construction has really given me hope for America.”

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