Enjoy the Wonderful Versatility of a Tub & Shower Combo

Many people find that taking a shower is the easiest way for them to get through their morning routine and get started with the day. But it’s still nice to relax in a soaker bathtub in the evening to unwind. Rather than having to choose between an easy-access walk-in shower and a luxurious bathtub, homeowners in Central Florida and beyond can enjoy the best of both worlds with a tub and shower combo installed by Fairbanks Construction, a West Shore Home company.

Commonly found in master bathrooms, where homeowners are most likely to have the space needed to accommodate both a bathtub and a walk-in shower, tub and shower combinations allow you to bathe exactly the way that you want in a given moment. Whether you’re simply looking to add a bathtub or shower to your bathroom, or you need to have both installed, the Fairbanks team will work closely with you to plan a setup that has the perfect appearance and configuration for your home.

Premium Tubs and Showers

As a company that’s known for providing nothing but the finest home improvement products, we offer high-quality bath and shower systems for an affordable price. You can expect that your new tub and shower combo will be:

  • Attractive – Our bath and shower systems are available in a wide variety of beautiful styles and colors, giving you the opportunity to create a bathing environment that has the exact look that you want.
  • Easy to clean – Made from non-porous materials that reject dirt and prevent mold growth, our baths and showers require very little upkeep to retain their stunning appearance.
  • Durable – All of our bath and shower systems are made of ultra-resilient materials that will not crack or chip, unlike inferior alternatives that may suffer damage through the years.
  • Backed by strong warranty protection – Crafted in accordance with the highest standards, our products are safeguarded by rock-solid guarantees for your peace of mind.

If you would like to learn more about your options for having a tub and shower combination installed, contact Fairbanks Construction today and schedule a free consultation. We look forward to discussing the many fantastic improvements we can make to your home.

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