Walk-in Shower

When you compare companies that install walk-in showers, you will see that Fairbanks Construction stands out for having deep ties in the local community. We are based in Ocala, Florida, where we have proudly served homeowners since 1990. As a family-owned and -operated business, we operate based on a core code of values that involves providing quality products, installations, and customer service.

Walk-In Safety Showers

We install walk-in showers using shower bases and wall panels from Bathwraps, an industry leader. There are many benefits to having one of our showers installed, including:

  • Safe bathing – Because a walk-in shower will have little or no threshold to step over, you can enter and exit it with ease and minimize the risk of a slip-and-fall accident.
  • Contemporary aesthetics – A shower that does not include a full bathtub looks sleeker and more stylish, so it will make your bathroom more attractive.
  • Easy cleaning – The wall panels we install are made of non-porous acrylic, which is easier to clean than tile walls with grout. You will be able to keep your shower clean simply by wiping it down with a mild cleaner and damp cloth.
  • Customization – You can select the solid color or stone finish that looks best in your Ocala, FL home. Accessories such as soap dishes, grab bars, and built-in bench seating are also available to suit your needs.

Contact Fairbanks Construction today to learn more about why our walk-in showers are so popular among homeowners in Ocala, FL. Whether you want to upgrade an existing shower or convert a bathtub into a shower, we can meet your needs.