Walk-In Tubs

Fairbanks Construction installs walk-in tubs throughout Central Florida that give people with limited mobility the ability to bathe more safely.  Instead of requiring you to step over a high bathtub wall before and after you bathe, an Ocala walk-in tub lets you enter the tub safely through a door that’s built into the tub wall.  That way you are at a reduced risk of slipping, falling, and injuring yourself.

The safety features of our tubs don’t end there!  Other features include safety grab bars, bench seats, and slip-resistant floors, which will further help you maintain your balance.  The ergonomic layout of our faucet and jet system controls will also help you avoid straining yourself while you’re in the tub.

Walk-In Jacuzzi Tub

In addition to helping you bathe safely, our walk-in bathtubs also:

  • Fill up higher than many older-model tubs do, allowing you to soak up to your shoulders
  • Include luxurious features, such as massaging jets and air bubbles
  • Provide hydrotherapy, which can relieve stress and soothe your muscles and joints

With Fairbanks Construction, you can rest easy knowing your investment is protected.  Your new walk-in tub will come backed by a warranty that covers its door seal, pump, motor, and more.  Plus, if the unlikely occasion should arise that you discover any error was made during the installation, we’ll come back to your home and fix the problem free of charge.  It’s that commitment to customer satisfaction that has made Fairbanks Construction one of the premier home improvement companies in Florida.

To schedule a free, in-home consultation about our Jacuzzi walk-in tubs, contact us today.  Since 1990, our family-owned and –operated company has proudly served homeowners throughout Central Florida and beyond.